Here are a few services that I currently offer, please reach out via email if youd like to inquire about pricing or timelines: or Discord: romeldris#1204

Software Development

If you have a small marketing, blog, or ecommerce site you are considering getting built, I can help with that! I nearly have 13 years of experience  building on the web, both basic sites as well as complex web applications. I don't have as much time these days for many projects but always happy to disucss.

3D Printing

I have a BambuLab P1S printer and can print small to medium sized objects. I'll be happy to help you print something you need. Please reach out via email or Discord to discuss.

If you need something custom designed, and printed let me know as well as we can figure something out.

PC Builds

  • Consulations

    If you need a new gaming, photo/editing, or off pc, I can help figure out what parts best fit your needs and budget. You can decide if you also want to use me to build your new PC or try and put it together. I'll also be avaialble to help you if you run into any issues.

  • Build

    I'll build your computer for you! You provide the parts or I can procure them (with a small deposit). This will include the entire build and will include cable management as well. I'll also install a fresh copy of Windows for you and all of the latest drivers. I'll also provide a video of the build which will be posted on my YouTube channel.

  • Upgrades

    Computer feeling a little slow? Want more FPS in a new game? I'll figure out an upgrade path for you that is within your budget as well ensuring it makes sense for your system.

  • Repairs

    Unfortunately, at this time I can't offer repairs or troubleshooting.

Check out the builds page to see previous builds.


I really love mechanical keyboards and enjoy building them. If you've got a kit on hand or would like one built by me please don't hesitate to reach out. I'll also lube switches with your lube of choice. or Discord: romeldris#1204

All builds are also live streamed on my Twitch channel for QA purposes as well as a sound test posted on my YouTube.


  1. You'll provide the parts for the build and get them to me (either ship it out or we can meet locally). This should include the case, pcb, switches, stabilizers, foam, and keycaps. I do put orders time to time through KBDFans so if you'd like something from there join the Discord to find out when the next orders will be.

  2. If you want me to lube your switches, please provide the lube as well or I can use my own lube.
    $0.60CAD per switch your lube // $0.65CAD per switch for my own lube

  3. I will assemble the keyboard live on my Twitch channel a subsequent video with a soundtest will be posted on YouTube.

  4. You'll get your keyboard back either shipped or local meetup.

Check out the Keyboards page to see previous commissions.